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Since our inception, not only we have been providing IT-enabled services to homeland security organizations, but CONDUIT is at the forefront of helping national and international authorities rise to these challenges. Our team of dedicated professionals operates in 3 continents, delivering results for clients in diverse security sectors: police, emergency (e.g. fire services), border control, population registries, criminal justice and international homeland security.

Security is a burning issue for every state. In the context of international tensions and the increased threat of terrorism, national and international homeland security authorities must respond efficiently while maximizing their productivity, introducing innovative technologies and managing their costs intelligently.

There is an urgent need to secure real-time information sharing that puts the right data, in the right place, at the right time and to support the interoperability of systems across multiple organizations. Authorities are striving to comply with the ever changing regulatory initiatives whilst at the same time optimizing costs and resources.

CONDUIT delivers large-scale, mission-critical high security projects that provide our clients with cost savings, total quality of service and agreed outcomes. These meet their needs in the core areas of front line policing, system to system interoperability, biometrics and secure infrastructure. We support information systems transformation and have developed a wide range of ready-to-use solutions and innovative approaches to homeland security. At all times we focus on helping our clients improve their operational efficiency, adapt to regulatory changes, increase cost competitiveness and deliver innovative services and superior forces efficiency.

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