Fixed Line Operator

Fixed Line Operator

Today’s competitive landscape for the fixed line operator is undergoing a radical change. To remain competitive, fixed-line operators must evolve existing TDM networks to Voice over IP (VoIP), protect revenue streams, and bring to market new and innovative services. They must do all this while simultaneously lowering their network operating costs.

CONDUIT has the tools to do this. Our fixed-line operator solutions enable a phased approach for the wire line carrier that not only addresses the financial requirements, but also enables that provider to create innovative new services now and into the future.

Hosted PBX

No cost or limitations of having equipment on-site-Hosted PBX gives users the enhanced feature-functionality of PBX and IP PBX systems, all managed by the service provider in their network.

SIP Trunking

These services target enterprises with existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). This is a cost-effective solution that offers users innovative, recently developed features not inherent in CPE, such as PBX.

Residential Broadband

Service providers can profit from the high growth of the residential VoIP market and the innovative services that can be hosted in your network.

Class 5 Overlay

To prolong the life of Class 5 switches, CONDUIT offers a solution called Class 5 Overlay, or TDM Overlay. Class 5 switches' call processing is re-homed to the BroadWorks platform, while the Class 5 switch continues to provide connectivity to the legacy subscribers. This enables service providers to deliver enhanced feature sets, fixed mobile convergence (FMC) applications, and Web 2.0 voice mash-ups to legacy subscribers, without requiring broadband access.

Class 5 Migration

When the time comes to physically replace the Class 5 switches, CONDUIT has an elegant answer. Leveraging best-in-class partnerships for Line Access Gateways (LAGs), the service provider replaces Class 5 switch line frames with a LAG.

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